Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates. At the bottom of the page is a link to our Welcome Packet containing more details on our policies and procedures.  If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Good to know:  There is never a fee for our staff to check your meter or assist you during regular business hours.  Also, there is no fee for our staff to turn your meter off due to an emergency at any time.

Water Service Rates

Please Note: Sales tax will be added to all listed water rates.
Usage (gal.): Cost
Up to 1,000 (minimum usage) $18.33
Each additional 1,000 $5.63

Our community's water meters are read on, or near, the 15th of each month. Rare circumstances will sometimes require us to estimate a meter reading using an average from the last 12 months.  When this occurs, the usage will be adjusted after a reading is taken to reflect your actual usage, usually the following month.


Average Billing Examples

2,000 gallons $23.96
5,000 gallons $40.85
7,000 gallons $52.11
10,000 gallons $69.00
25,000 gallons $153.45

The average water bill during the off-peak (winter) months is:  $36.45

 The average water bill during peak (summer) months is:  $52.35

*** Your bill may be higher or lower due to differences in water usage habits. ***


Schedule of Misc. Fees

Late Fee (payment received after 15th of the month): 10% of Bill Amount
Returned Check Fee (includes electronic payments): $25.00
Non-Payment Reconnect Fee: $40.00
Tampering Fee: $50.00 + Damages
After-Hours Fee (Non-Emergency): $50.00


Refundable Deposit Amounts

Residential Owner Deposit: $50.00
Residential Renter and Mobile Home Deposit: $100.00
Commercial Deposit: $200.00

A refundable deposit and a signed Service Agreement are required before water service will be turned on.

A deposit will be refunded when a customer terminates service with the District.  Any fees owed will be deducted and the balance will be refunded within 30 days.  Please ensure that we have a forwarding address for your refund, or you may arrange to pick it up at our office.


Cost to Install New Service

3/4" Service $1,700.00 + Deposit
1" Service $2,000.00 + Deposit
Larger Than 1" Service $500.00 + Actual Cost + Deposit
Bore Under Road (if needed) $26.00 per foot
Extra Dig (conduit already under road) $200.00

If rock is encountered during the installation process, the customer is responsible for the actual cost of removal before service will be turned on.